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Do you have trouble in taking care your baby? Let's the baby monitor help you!

  • Author:Lancy He
  • Source:Shenzhen Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2014-12-03
  Baby is the best gift for parents. When you have a child, you will feel your life become moe colorful. However, we still will meet some problems. How can we know everything of our baby when we are working in the office? Don't worry, let's the baby monitor help you!

  Now, We'd love to introduce to you a newest baby monitor. It model is PY-VB60. With a cute design and strong function, the wireless baby monitor is become our best selling product.

Below are some special features for our video baby monitor:

1.Hassle-Free Portable Monitoring
2.Two way(talk back)
3.Temperature monitoring
4.Built-in 8 lullabies in the camera
5.Automatic night vision
6.Secure, interference free, long range digital signal
7.High contrast 2.0" color LCD monitor
8.Long battery life (8 hours in Vox mode)
9.Multiple languages support

Are you interested in it now? If so, don't hesitate to contact with us!