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5 trick to teach you how to choose smart door locks!

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-07-20 12:16:41
In recent years, intelligent door lock (Customized printing IC card company) is very hot, if you want to catch up with the trend of home intelligent lock gate. Then, how should I choose?

1, we must first understand what is the smart lock

Fingerprint lock, induction lock, cipher lock...... None of these are smart locks. Crudely speaking, what really calls "smart lock" are App, such as all operations only need to open the phone, App a key to get, in a sense, you are on the cloud to solve the lock (Wifi Time attendance distributor) the door.

2, Yan value should be high, can not pull low grade

Smart locks (Contactless IC card company ) must be installed at home, such as windows or doors, so you'll see them often. Just like buying a bag and buying shoes, you must wear it with the whole dress. It doesn't look bad. Buy a door lock is the same, unlike the traditional door to buy a direct design above the mechanical lock, and now the situation is that the door has, and smart locks must buy a match with the door.

3, security standards, guard against the thief, but also against the hackers

Because the thief is good at picking intelligent lock in a large purpose is to prevent thieves. The thief can't get in now...... The result was hacked and easily declassified...... Therefore, the intelligent lock platform must be safe, not only the operation of anti thief, we must do very badly in technology, such as those using the military encryption and decryption standards.

4, not only the pursuit of intelligence, function should be humane

Choose an intelligent lock, you must try a few, to see if the program has gone through. For example, a child at home accidentally locked the door can not come out. So the smart lock you buy must be used by all members of the family.

5 adaptable and signal free from environmental interference

Hello, it is not easy to install the smart lock, and the result is that the people can not receive the signal at all, so before buying, make sure the signal of this lock is stable. For example, in the wooden doors, stainless steel doors, steel doors, all try again, properly drop !