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How to choose the RFID access control Card reader?

Gino Zhang www.smart-home-security.cn 2015-01-28 17:08:26
  Non-contact IC card access control with (IC card) reader is an important part of access control systems, access control systems is a key signal input device, if the china access control system likened to a person, like the human reader eyes related to the stability of the entire access control systems. If an access control system controller and power locks are good, there is a problem if the quality of the reader, it will also lead to the acceptance and use of the door does not open, etc., the impact of the project. 


(1) Buy The Product Which Is In Line With The International Standard Wiegand 26bit Reader 

 Interface protocol standard RFID reader is now internationally accepted wiegand 26bit, some 485 domestic and Taiwan, or ABA magnetic stripe reader format, or other bit digits, I recommend using wiegand26 reader, import reader for example Indala HID and all comply with the agreement, whether domestic or imported control almost 99 percent are in compliance with the agreement, if a non-standard interface protocols will bring great compatibility issues for future system upgrades and maintenance, is not recommended you purchase a variety of output formats reader, to avoid the use disorders. reader a variety of output formats for saving only the manufacturers to develop cost-plate settings and other commercial point of view and was not a function of the true sense powerful. using a card reader in accordance with international standards wiegand 26 can be upgraded to maintain a great deal of convenience for the stability of your system and later replace the card reader.

(2)Select  ID Card Reader or IC Card Reader? 

  Cost performance and sensing distance ID card reader is read-only, commonly known as the non-contact IC card, IC card reader is readable and writable non-contact IC card collectively .ID card and ID card reader is better than the IC cards and IC card reader. If only for access control and time and attendance or parking card, we recommend using the ID card reader and proximity card .. If you need a non-compatible consumer card can only be fixed using IC card reader and induction card. ID card market is more popular and cost-effective good EM card. IC card reader and proximity card proposal MIFARE 1 (referred to as M1) or other logic TI TM card market share of the low use of PHILIPS, not recommended.

(3) Is The Choice Of Sealant Sealant Or Not Readers? 

  Suggested the use of non-sealed plastic reader on the grounds that: Even sealant, the buzzer or bare, exposed, where the water will damage the reader material sealed plastic resin is used, the domestic generally use of hand-sealed plastic hardener mixed uneven domestic resin materials are cheap but the quality is not good, there will be conductive after prolonged use, making the reader run or panic disorder, imported resin expensive domestic manufacturers generally reluctant to adopt, in equal shares to each reader to be ten pieces cost. also, some manufacturers of sealants become "fig leaf" to poor board design process to cover up, and even re-sealed plastic repair plate sales. in addition , sealant is not suitable for equipment cooling, for the reader is going to affect performance. so unless special occasions, generally do not necessarily need to adopt sealant reader.