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Top Selling Fingerprint Door Lock, Model PY-4920

  • Author:Lancy He
  • Release on:2015-10-30
In all of the models of fingerprint door lock of us, the model PY-4920 is our top selling product. It is very popular in our customers. However, what the secrete in the model PY-4920? Why it can be so popular?

I think we can find the answer from its specification: Below is the picture of the model PY-4920 and its specification:

1. Standard American stainless steel mortise; structure is enhanced internally, better resistance to damage;
2. 4 different ways to open a door: fingerprint, card, password and mechanical key, safe and convenient;
3. Independent cylinder installed at the front, safer and more reliable;
4. Optical fingerprint collection window, high level of resistance to friction, flip top protection, high durability;
5. Multi-modules ready for customers to combine for their needs, flexible and convenient;
6. Color: stainless steel color and titanium gold color;
7. Sensor window and battery cover color: black and silvery gray.

As we can see, this model have 4 different ways to open a door, so it is very convenient for the customers to us, and the materia of its mortise is stainless steel, as we all know, the stainless steel is a kind of durable materia. So it can be say that the model PY-4920 has a long life. Also, the appearance of it is very elegant, it is very suitable for the villa used. 

Our company is a china fingerprint lock factory, but we are also a hotel lock supplier china so we also can supply the hotel door lock to you. If you are interested in our product, welcome to contact us!.