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What Is Hotel Door Lock System?

Lancy He www.smart-home-security.cn 2015-11-13 17:09:24
Hotel door lock, a very important part for a hotel. But do you know for a hotel door lock system, what should be included? Let me tell you!

About the hotel door lock, usually we choose RFID card hotel door lock,for example, we can choose the hotel door lock used with Temic card. 

2. Software for the hotel door lock

For a hotel door lock system, it must should have a software, and in our company, we'll send the software to our clients for free!

2. RFID Card

3. Card Encoder

It is a device to issue card, use this can issure the guest card, system card, master card and so on.

4. Energy Saving Switch

It is a device for you to save the electricity of your guest room.

5. Data gather

It is a device for you to get the information of the guest room when something emergency happened. 

Our company is a professional china hotel door lock factory, all of our hotel door lock has got the CE, FCC, RoHs certificate. we also is an access control systems manufacturers china, so we can supply the access control systems and biometric time attendance system. If you want to find a good supplier in China, welcome to cooperate with us!