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About The Material of Hotel Door Lock

Lancy He www.smart-home-security.cn 2015-12-24 15:42:47
Hotel door lock, it is a necessary product for every hotel. However, do you know how many kinds of material for the hotel door lock?

1,Copper---the advantage for this material is anti-corruption and beautiful color. the hotel door lock which made by cooper, usually is golden color, looks very nice and elegant. 

2.Stainless Steel---For the anti-corruption, it is much better than the copper. However, for the price, it is not cheap. 

3. Zink Alloy---The material for most of our hotel door lock is zink alloy. It can make in different collor, silver, gold or bronze or something others. And can also make in many different style. And the hardness is well. The zink alloy hotel door lock has a very high cost performance. So many customers willing to choose it. 

4. Aluminum alloy--alluminum alloy hotel door lock is the cheapest one. however, the aluminum alloy is very soft and light, so it can't be clash very heavy, and also can't be made in many colors, usually is for silver color.

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