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The Development Of Video Door Phone

Lancy He www.smart-home-security.cn 2016-01-05 16:19:44
Nowadays, the video door phone has become a very popular product in our daily life. However, do you know the development history of video door phone?

1.Video door phone used in villa----the first generation of video door phone

Video door phone has been made out in the late of 1990s, and the first generation of video door phone is used in the villa. The camera of this kind of video door phone can be used with 1-6 monitors. So it is very suitable in villa.

2. Video door phone system or building intercom system----the second generation of video door phone

In high building, we usually use the video door phone system. A video door phone system should include camera, monitor, decoder, electric door lock and power supply. The camera of the video door phone system can be used with hundreds of monitors in one building.

3. WIFI video door phone----a kind of new product in the recently years

In the recently years, the wifi video door phone has been made out. it is a kind of wireless video door phone. It is more convenient than the wired video door phone, you can open the door to the visitor just by your mobile phone.

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