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2017 New arrival hotel lock model PY-8501 ---PROYU,China lock facoty

  • Author:Penny Pan
  • Release on:2017-03-07
2017 New arrival hotel lock model PY-8501 ---PROYU,China lock facoty

It is forged by Zinc alloy(stainless steel or copper) once, with high security and solidity nature.
2. Intellectual ultra thin little core of lock, This makes the breakage to the door as little as possible when making holes.
3. Free handle, to prevent the external stress from ruining the internal structure. The working life is long.
4. We test every circuit board to ensure its lifespan.
5. Lack of voltage indication to clew users should change batteries in time.
6. Emergency Cards or mechanical keys are used to open doors in special situations.
7. Preserve the latest 256 records of door opening circularly. Knowing about the dynamic at any moment.
8. Ending the open functions of lost or appointed cards.
9. Indication of not closing doors. There are clocks in internal parts of locks to control the using time of key cards and preventing clients owing charges.
10. Our software can clarify the administration classes of general manager, buildings, floors, service areas and rooms. Authority purview is really clear.

Technology Specification:
Material:Zinc alloy hotel lock
Unlock Ways:Smart Card or Mechanical key
Card reading current:≤20 mA
 Static consumption:≤15u A
Working Temperature:-20`C~+70`C
Opening current:300 mA(last for 0.3s)
Humidity:≤ 95% RH
Inductive distance:≤5cm
Anti-static electricity:>15,000 V
Battery:4 pieces of 5# normal battery (6V)