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About Hotel Lock advantage

  • Author:Liana Cao
  • Source:news
  • Release on:2016-05-10

About Hotel Lock advantage

Our hotel locks the battery case, the battery case is back, enabling customers to install and use, the upper and lower removable battery requires only one screw; there is a long cylinder built-in battery box, there is only a fixed rail installation, easy installation errors.

Our product packaging is tailored (big and small), caring, professional export packaging foam boxes, drop resistance against pressure, to avoid being damaged during transport.

3,All products that do all the testing on-one: Contains product appearance, color, cylinder, circuit boards, battery compartment lock key, border, blank, bags and accessories screw connectionlineinterface. Sampling from other manufacturers or individually tested important components.

4,Other plants so we do not necessarily have to communicate timely and professional.

5,We are our own production of cylinder production, complete accessories, easy maintenance, easy to operate long-term hotel

6,Our delivery time, very short in time, ready to jump the queue ahead of time or overtime for production, this can increase your productivity, reduce your communication costs.

     In summary, the above points, increasing design costs, material costs, labor costs and time costs, but also the greatest extent possible to ensure the quality of products, but also to protect the interests of customers.

First of allAbout the difference between foam box packed with packaging paper tray, foam box with a fixed card, real prison under pressure, not easy shake, drop resistance against pressure, See below

Secondly, with regard to our battery case, we use the postEquipmentBattery caseAnd long cylinder built-in battery case, Under normal circumstances,  Other manufacturers lockYesUsedEmbedded battery case