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Comon room card setting tips

Requirement: Door 3 is the shared suite door. Both DOOR 1 cards and DOOR 2  cards can access to DOOR 3.

Whats needed before/in operation:
1):  The DOOR 3 PCB/Panel should be hotel common door lock/passage hotel door lock PCB.  DOOR 1 and DOOR 2 are guest room door.
2):  Please just use 1 system card for a whole hotel.  If you already have A system card, just use it. please DON'T any issue system card again in next steps.

Whats to do next: 
Please check the following:
1): Rotate the mechanical key 6 times continuely, there is a video on how to do ( in the CD we send you, please check,  the name is "hotel lock reset")

a)  Sets on the software.  __ Issue system card and room card on Computer for for DOOR 3. DOOR2, DOOR1
b)  Setting  room number card__  read system card 3 times, then read the  DOOR 3 room card.
Testing--- wait for 1-2 minutes, then use the room card to open the DOOR 3, if it can unlock, then this step is successfully done.  Same for DOOR2 & DOOR1
b)  Setting  shared suites door room card__  after Step b), please wait for 1-2 minutes.  read system card 1 time, and then read DOOR 1 room card, later read DOOR2 card.


Please check  more models hotel door lock card settings: