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Do you know toThe Proyu door lock?

2017-12-14 12:56:48
Proyu hotel lock in the factory layout, different from other industry manufacturers. 

1, the research and development has the core technology, and has the perfect production and quality management system. With the support of standardized documents, there should be a certain scale of production. (no perfect production system, structure, appearance of unqualified accessories are assembled and shipped, the cost is reduced, the quality is uneven) 

2, build the entire product test equipment, process, quality inspection system. (parts do not carry out incoming test, and products do not undergo long-term type test in simulated environment. They can not guarantee the quality and life of each batch, or the batches of batches.
3, perfect after-sales system, if the system is guaranteed. (problem solving is not timely, some rooms cannot be used in time, and the loss can not be estimated. It is not systematic after-sale charges, it is easy to collect fees or charges at high prices). 

4. The operation software should be stable and easy to operate. A set of operating system (not a year or so will be able to develop stable, is to have a good development foundation and long-term running test. The software system emphasizes the simplicity of the operation, the operation of the waiters, and the use of an operating technician. 

5, system focuses on cooperation and stability of the whole system, is the development, production, testing system, customer service experience, at least ten years of production history, has more than 10 years of production history, at least two existing in the hotel renovation period (usually twelve to fourteen years), can know the real use of the brand. The stability of the system is the core (such as the system of telecom operators, not on a single machine, the stability of the system