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Energy saving switch for the hotel lock system

Penny Pan 2016-12-07 14:53:43
Energy saving switch for the hotel lock system

Energy saving switch designed for hotel rooms for energy saving purpose.It is one of items in the whole hotel lock system.
To make rooms better achieve energy-saving goal, Hotel often use more specifically dedicated card to take power from a certain kind energy saving switch:
Optional Energy Saving: Any thing if inserted, power can be gained. Like a piece of paper. 
EM/ID Type Use with the 125khz cards.
IC Type: Use with the 13.56mhz cards

What benefits for the hotels lock system?

Economy Benefit:

Saving power:The delay function is very important in the Energy Saving Switch, without it, the guests have to leave the room in the dark. The consumption of the illumination system in each room in the hotel is about 2000 watt.

Security Benefit:
Improve hotel lock system safety: If the guests forget to turn off all the electric appliances when they leave the room, which will be a great waste and it's very insecure. While their leaving, it is difficult for the waiter to know whether the lamps are turned on or not in the rooms. So we specially developed the Energy Saving Switch for the hotel to save the substantive regrettable consumption.

Convenient Benefit: 
Insert room card (guest card) to get power for light and TV etc. Guests don’t need to spend time on finding where to get power. When they get out the room, don’t need to shut the power one by one. It saves a lot time!

Where to use the energy saving switch in the hotel lock system:

The energy saving switch is for hotel lock system, to control the power in the room by the guest cards easily.
NOTE: It is optional for the hotel locck system project, the hotel lock system still working without Power Saver.


Other Accessories for Whole Hotel Lock System: 

If have chance,welcom to visit our hotel lock factory, thank you!