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How to choose smart door locks

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-04-24

  Because of the different locks of smart locks, smart locks involve mechanical, electronic, computer systems, it is recommended to use the well-established mature brand, the current domestic smart lock brand, but a full set of production capacity is estimated to less than 10 %, The best understanding of the Finger access control Magnetic lock manufacturer of the development, production, after-sales situation, whether it is standard enterprises, whether the construction of the quality management system. There are many users due to lack of procurement experience or only cheap (those brands may be cheaper to lock, but other accessories or card machines are expensive, and free distribution, the maintenance of the price will be several thousand dollars), the purchase of products After a period of time may not find the manufacturers, or quality problems to find irresponsible manufacturers manufacturers that improper use of the user does not give maintenance or accessories such as high prices and so on. The above phenomenon even the court is also very difficult to judge, even if the user wins those who do not regulate the brand may choose to escape the name of the company, choose not standardized brand may be worth the candle.