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How the fingerprint lock is powered

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-01 14:56:17
  In recent years, fingerprint lock as a new product, has been widely used in our lives. PROYU, a Keyless door lock china, can provide various of high quality fingerprint lock. However, the fingerprint lock is like a mobile phone, in the use of the process, are the need for its power supply. Moreover, because the main power supply for the built-in power supply, therefore, whether it is rechargeable batteries or dry batteries will inevitably encounter no electricity, and then we need to supply the fingerprint lock. So how does the fingerprint lock power? 
  Under normal circumstances, the fingerprint lock power supply is mainly used to dry battery power supply. (PROYU, a Finger print time attendance company, have different types fingerprint lock. )
There are three main ways to power supply.
  1. The use of 5 batteries for the fingerprint lock power supply, under normal circumstances, 4 5 battery-powered, can be used for more than 8 months; 8 batteries can be used normally for more than 16 months (specific visual function, power design, The number of times the use of different and different).
  2.The current market, some fingerprint lock power supply for the battery-powered, power supply standard is 6V, therefore, the major fingerprint lock products will be used on the 5th battery power supply.
  3.According to industry standards for the production of fingerprint lock, should be coupled with emergency power supply interface, available 9V laminated battery external power supply. These two battery supermarkets are available.

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