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Several factors must be taken into account for the success of an intelligent door lock

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-08-21 13:03:00
There are a lot of smart locks on the market, but consumers are still worried about the new product. This is understandable as consumers need to make sure that the product is safe enough before enjoying the convenience of an intelligent door lock (Guangzhou Magnetic lock manufacturer). In order for intelligent door locks to enter the homes of ordinary people, the following functions may be necessary.

Safety is the primary factor
The door's role is to insulate the house from outside the house, so consumers will be concerned about its safety first when considering the product. As a result, the smart door lock is best to look like an ordinary lock, which reduces unnecessary worries.

Appearance is important
Smart door locks (access control system price) are best suited for personal appearance, allowing users to feel that the product matches the overall style of the house. Intelligent door locks are also easy to install, at least not more complex than traditional locks; they are also easy to use and provide multi user mode, taking into account the low level of technical acceptance, such as the elderly and nannies.

Function extension
As an Internet of things device, intelligent door locks (rfid access control system) are connected with other products to extend their functions, such as monitoring and uploading to the cloud, remote control and so on. While enjoying these services, communications and data transmission must be securely encrypted. In addition, the use of locks is very frequent, and its battery life must be long, it is best to have solar power supply, after all, who does not want to every two days to lock the door charging.