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How to solve the fast consumption problem of hotel lock?

  • Author:Liana Cao
  • Release on:2016-12-23

How to solve the fast consumption problem of hotel lock?

when you meet the lock 's fast consumption problem, please try according to the following steps. If you still can not solve the problem, please contact us---------we are professional Hotel Lock suppliers china.

1. For the battery, please exchange battery with other good hotel locks to test and see which components has problem. After that, if the Keyless door lock china can work, the problem is probably the former battery.

If the lock can not work, there are 4 possibilities.

1)The battery problem

2)The battery pack problem

3)The port of power supply cable gets rusty due to be damped, which causes the fast battery consumption.

4)The lock baffle is not installed well and the lock bolt is not popuped completely, so that the lock occurs red light and give out a constant alarm sound after the door is closed.

How to find solution

1)Exchange new battery

2)Exchange new battery pack

3)Exchange new power supply cable

4)Adjust lock baffle

2. The wholesale Hotel Lock is open with or without swiping cards. There are several reasons as below.

1)The room number is not set up in the software-please set the room number in the software

2)the motor or cylinder or pcb is possible to be broken-please exchange the components of other good lock to test