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How to use hotel data gather ?

  • Author:Liana Cao
  • Source:news
  • Release on:2017-03-01
How to use hotel data gather ?

Download the Door-opening Record into Record Card (Mifarel RF hotel lock
or Collection Device/Encoder/Collector (TEMIC hotel guest room lock).

If Mifarel LOCK, the card should be put over Door Lock’s Induction Zone 1cm and then the indicator LED will flash, still where it is for 20 seconds. When hearing one “beep”, the download procedure finishes successfully.

If TEMIC LOCK, Collector with four 7# batteries must have been prepared. Turn on Collector which green light will light on after two beeps. Swipe the Record Card over the Lock Sensor and put away, and pull the Collector near to Lock Sensor (as following picture) within 3 seconds, then the red LED of Collector will glitter regularly which stands for that the Collector is in the course of download that need about 30 Seconds. Turn off the Collector immediately after finishing collection.

Temic data gather or S70 Mifare card 

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