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How to use the EM door lock- PROYU,professional lock factory

Penny Pan 2017-04-07 19:36:25
Operation Methods of ID Card Intellectualized Electronic LOCK

1、Initialization of the door lock:
  Use the mechanical key to open the door for 5 times continuously, following a short sound “di” every time. The interval can not be more than 2 seconds. The buzzer makes a long sound “di” that means initialization succeeds. After the process, all the original cards are cleared.
2、Making the Reset Card(It can open doors locked inside)
  Hold the card towards the sensitive area of the lock. A long sound ”di” behind a short sound ”di” that means se tting the Set Card is successful.The first card you make after the initialization is the Reset Card.

3、Making the Door Opening Card
  Firstly read the Reset Card, the electrical machine rotates positively and green LED will glitter. That means it is in the state of the setting door opening card.Then read the card. The buzzer makes a sound “di” that means the setting is successful. If the buzzer makes two sounds, it means the card has been set before. You can make cards continually.It will exit automatically if no card reading or reading the Reset Card. Then the electircal machine will rotate reversely.It can set 15 or 200 door opening cards for a lock at most. 

4、Deleting the Door Opening Card
  Delete all the door opening cards when we read the Reset Card 4 times continuously following the red and green LED lighting and 3 long sounds “di””di””di”.
  Delete the door opening cards appointed, we will read the Reset Card following the electric motor turning positively, then read the Reset Card for 2 times following the light glittering quickly. The card which is before the card need to be deleted needs to be read. Then red and green LED light for the same time. The buzzer make a long sound “di”. If you wanna delete the first card, read the last card.

5、opening doors:
  1、Use the Reset Card to open doors: read the card, then open the door. There is not lack of voltage indication. The door will be close in 5 seconds.
  2、Use the Door Opening Card to open the door and read door opening card arbitrarily. If the voltage is below 4.8V, the buzzer will make 3 quick sounds. At the same time, red LED glitter. After turning the handle, electronical machine will rotate reversely (closing the door), or the door will be closed in 5 seconds.

6、Technical Parameters
1.Card Type: cards of different shapes of EM 4100 Chip
2.Inductive Distance: 0—3 cm
3.Working Voltage: DC 6V, No.4 alkali battery. It can be used more than 1 year in normal state.
4.Power Consumption:
      Static Power Supply: ≤15 μA
      Card Reading Supply: ≤20 mA
      Lock Opening Supply: about 300 mA(last for 0.3s)
5.Working Environment:
      temperature: 0--70℃, humidity: ≤95% RH
6.Lack of Voltage Indication:
     If the voltage of batteries is less than 4.8V, It will make 3 sounds and red LED lights when you open the lock. In the meanwhile, the lock can be opened more than 50 times.