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What is the intelligent door lock management system?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-06-02
  Nowadays, intelligence has become a trend in the future, so, in the smart home under the wave, the smart door lock can be said to come into being, the use of the family has also been more and more extensive. However, the use of smart locks in the process, it will inevitably involve the management system.

  So what is the intelligent door lock management system? (PROYU, Keyless door lock china, provide high quality intelligent door lock.)
Intelligent door lock management system, as the name suggests is used in a smart door lock management system, is a security level higher security products. It can mainly through the use of computer technology, electronic technology, precision machinery manufacturing technology, precision electromagnetic technology, smart card technology to achieve access to the room cardholder identification, and control whether the mechanical door is open. PROYU, A Smart card Hotel lock Supplier.
Working principle
Intelligent door lock management system can be identified according to the authorization list card staff card information, if there is an illegal card or forced out, then the door lock will sound and light alarm and record, the legitimate card is able to open the door and open the lock record. Moreover, all of its records can be uploaded to the central database and through the report query.
System components
  Intelligent door lock management system mainly by the management of workstations, door lock system management software, card issuers, smart cards, smart card door locks, handheld POS machines, management cards, self-service POS equipment (optional), door lock POS communication program (optional) composition. 
System advantages
  The intelligent door lock management system manages the door locks of each room through the door lock management software. And has different levels of authority to manage the authority, the lock in the microcomputer, through the identification of the legitimacy and level of the card, and make the appropriate treatment, at any time to check the door lock open. Effectively improve the management of the door lock function, enhance the safety and reliability, improve the level of intelligent buildings.
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