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Smart door locks which can realize the scene of life?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-11-06 13:39:32
In recent years, smart home industry in full swing. However, for the mass consumer, most of the smart home still stay in the "increase mobile control" such insignificant functional level.

Perhaps the current popularity of smart home has not yet been able to achieve, but, can really solve the pain point of life smart products, such as smart locks. Smart door locks (Guangzhou IC card company) open the entrance to "future life," and a thousand or two thousand yuan can bring great convenience to life.

scene 1
Like going out without a wallet, the key should be "retired."
Most smart door locks (Guangdong Magnetic lock manufacturer) in the market can automatically set a variety of unlock modes, in addition to the traditional keys, you can also use passwords, fingerprints, smart sensors, credit card, etc. unlock. Since then, the bag can be less out of a bunch of heavy and afraid to lose the key.

Scene 2
Take the courier, buy food, no need to open the door
When your hands holding large courier returns home, you have to first put the courier, took out the key to open the door. Intelligent door locks can perfectly eliminate this troubles, for example, fingerprint lock (Password & ID card access control company) can be unlocked only by pressing the fingerprints.

Scene 3
Elderly children go home in time to know remotely
Another useful feature of smart locks is remote control, especially useful for families with elderly children. Most parents need to work, can not bring their own children, only by the elderly or aunts. Install smart locks , allowing parents to better grasp the whereabouts of children, so that parents feel comfortable.

Scene 4
Rental houses, relatives and friends visit, domestic service, safe and convenient
Intelligent door lock can set the password to unlock the way, and accurate password effective time. For example, short-term rental of the house, you can set a password through the phone to share with tenants. The password takes effect on the day of rented room, and the password automatically expires on the day of check-out. In this way, the old password can no longer open the door when the lease is full.