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If the door lock is improperly which will give the hotel aspects caused great losses

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-05-05
  With the continued development of the market, hotel intelligent electronic lock for the selection of species diversity, such as a magnetic card lock, IC card lock, TM card lock, IC card lock and fingerprint lock, hotel according to their own position, choose suitable for its own characteristics of the door lock. At the same time, the management of the hotel guest room concept has undergone a qualitative change, from simple low-level room security management, rise to the system advanced intelligent management of highly, hotel rooms and management become the hotel overall management cannot or are core elements.

  If the door lock is improperly, will give the hotel aspects caused great losses : the image of the credibility of the adverse effects, safety, management inconvenience, maintenance costs increase, the overall cost increases and so on; if the door lock card system is not perfect, a guest card can not be smoothly open the door, will bring to the guest "unlucky " feeling, repeat customers will decrease, which leads directly to the coast of economic benefits; if the lock core has defects, the guest in the room could not come out, service personnel cannot open, finally had to break into houses, the results can be imagined; if the room is stolen, system without unlocking record or recording is not complete, cannot be found the truth is, ultimately by the hotel damages ... These are the hotel in the selection of electronic door locks must be thought of.Therefore, it is important to choose a good Stainless steel IC card company.