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The Multi-Encoder software of the hotel lock system

  • Author:Penny Pan
  • Release on:2017-01-04
The Multi-Encoder software of the hotel lock system

What in a simple system of the hotel lock?
1.Door Lock (qty = guest room)---For open the door 
2.Card Encoder (1pcs/hotel ) ---For issuing all kinds of cards 
3.Energy saver Switch (qty = guest room)---To get the power 
4.Cards (qty = 3 times of guest room)-----For open the lock 
5.Data collector (1pcs/hotel, optional by customers)-----
For getting the time and times of the \entrance information from the lock 
6.Self developed software (1 disk, with customer's language, free of charge)----For setting the program the whole system.

For the small hotel,as usual it will just need one card encoder to issue the cards to the guests.But sometimes,when there are many rooms in the hotel and it will need more than one encoder to issue cards.For this sitution,it will need the Multi-Encoder software,the software are not free,we provide the software for one encoder,if you need more,you need to make order for it,thanks.