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Types of door locks

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-03-22
   Door lock has a long history. After thousands of years of development, the door lock (Guangzhou hotel keycard lock factory) has been developed from the simple door locks to the common intelligent locks. With the development of technology, more safety locks will continue to appear. Below we use the form and the classification to which the door lock:

   According to the use of points, the door can be divided into outdoor door locks, bedroom locks, bathroom locks

   Outdoor door locks: Security in the residential door, therefore, the door lock must be anti-theft lock, its safety is the first. Because outside the door is usually installed anti-theft door, the gap between the two is relatively small, so the door locks are usually used without a handle of the spring lock, so as not to lock the handle to the top of the security door, close the door

   Bedroom lock: Security in the bedroom door, must be able to ensure the privacy of the bedroom. Can be locked inside, you must use the key to open from the outside

   Bathroom lock: in the bathroom or bathroom, it is best to use the key to open from the outside, because you are in the bath, there may be an accident such as fainting, if not open from the outside, is not conducive to rescue. In addition, the bathroom lock should also be waterproof, rust proof function.