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Why Are Fingerprints Unique?

  • Author:Proyu Technology
  • Source:Proyu Technology
  • Release on:2017-03-27
   Fingerprints are set in stone by the time a fetus reaches 17 weeks. Fingerprint pattern formation consists of two components: developmental and genetic. The ridge pattern development not only depends on genetic factors, but also on unique physical conditions.
   Innumerable environmental factors are thought to influence the formation of fingerprints, including blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood, nutrition of the mother, hormone levels, the exact position of the fetus in the womb at particular times, the exact composition and density of the amniotic fluid that’s swirling around the fingers of the fetus as they touch surrounding structures, and the pressure with which they touch their surroundings. These myriad variables decide how each individual ridge is formed.

   The level of activity of a fetus and the general chaos of the conditions of the womb prevent fingerprints from developing exactly the same way in any two fetuses. The entire development process is so chaotic that, over the entire course of human history, there is virtually no chance that the exact same pattern formed twice. What this means, though, is that fingerprints are different on every finger of your hand, they’re different on the same fingers of opposite hands, and even the fingerprints of identical twins are different from each other.

   Therefore, many finger access control Hotel lock Suppliers, their purpose is to save the user's information through the fingerprint, so a lot of people's information can be queried by the fingerprint machine.