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Why do the hotel use electronic card lock

  • Author:Alice Wang
  • Release on:2016-12-27
   With the development of the society, people living standard rise, more and more high to the requirement of safety, the choice of door lock is becoming more and more carefully.Now whether upscale hotel or private house door lock to decorate both want to be safe, and reflects the flavor of The Times.Mechanical lock before slowly fade out the line of sight of people, followed by a set of fashion, the security of electronic locks, fingerprint locks, card lock such high-end locks.Compared with residential, hotel, with door lock market considerable share of the door lock is beautiful and safety, and even service has higher requirements.
   Now most of the luxury hotels are equipped with electronic card lock, this is because the inside of the hotel guests are first check-in check-out after consumption, so from the hotel management into consideration, to the guest's consumption amount is credited with management system of the lobby front desk, so convenient management;Network construction of the hotel is complete, all the point of consumption with matching card equipment, this is the basic of building network construction;The customer just need a credit card consumption in each place, and do not need to pay every time;One-off consumption magnetic card for guests and a sense of security, because of magnetic card is made of new, used, there is no other people or have the same card;When the guest lost card or MouJi management personnel management, easy to do the corresponding processing, cancelled in system.This is convenient for the customer, also convenient for hotel management.
   Because of the electronic card lock not only make customers easy to use, and let the customer really experience the hotel's intelligent management.For the hotel, not only improve the image of the hotel, and save manpower, but also improve the management efficiency.So there are more and more hotels to install door lock, the preferred electronic card lock.