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Why is the fingerprint lock safer than the mechanical lock?

First of all, it's more intelligent. Massive storage of fingerprints and cryptographic information. The initial user can increase or delete user information autonomously. When users need to increase entry permission for many people, they only need to input their fingerprint or password information into the system. 

Second, it is more convenient. The convenience of fingerprint locks is that no one can worry about the opening of the door at any time. Whether you forget the key, or you can't open the door with your hands full of items, or get drunk at night, you can't remember where the key is. Fingerprint lock can avoid these embarrassing situations. 

Finally more security. According to the national fingerprint lock standard, fingerprint lock factory must have mechanical fingerprint lock, that is to say, in addition to fingerprint lock, it can also open with key. For highly skilled burglar, it doesn't need fingerprint lock to open door lock to steal. While the global radar system in the industry only fingerprint lock anti-theft security function of fingerprint lock; fingerprint lock anti-theft, has the fingerprint owner can open the safety lock in addition, anyone else can touch fingerprint lock, open or even have no chance to crack the mechanical lock.