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To do so, avoid picking the wrong smart lock!

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-07-20 12:23:14
In recent years, intelligent door locks (Contactless IC card company) have become more and more popular, and many people installed smart door locks at home. But there are so many smart locks, it's very important to choose a good smart lock.

In the selection of intelligent locks (Customized printing IC card company ), it is necessary to repeatedly insert card or induction magnetic card to open the door is normal operation, should not appear "no response", "error" or "motor disorder" and so on. The door lock of the self correcting function circuit should be selected.

 If you choose immature products, you may not be able to use or maintain a great deal of work. Intelligent lock circuit microcomputer chip control circuit with information correction function, induction door adopts double clock error correction rate is extremely low, induction door adopts the wireless data collector for door maintenance, open the door is very convenient for recording data acquisition. 

Because the door sensors generally use battery powered, understand the static power induction lock is very important, at present some brand induction lock (Wifi Time attendance distributor ) four batteries can be used continuously for more than a year, some brands will replace the battery in less than a month. Frequent battery change can seriously affect use. At present, some brands use electromagnetic wave identification to clamp on power, and the power consumption of electromagnetic wave is greater. 

Because the signal panel of different materials for the weaker will cause different degree of attenuation, the circuit is difficult to control the transmit power, causing the existing electromagnetic wave power is unstable, the advantages of electromagnetic wave power on the entire surface of the card is pure black can recommend the use of infrared induction electricity, power mode is more stable, card don't print the entire surface of the pure black can be printed, the entire surface of black can be, but also very few customers select the entire surface as a pure black color card.