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How much do you know about the maintenance of intelligent door lock?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-07-07 17:23:58
Intelligent door maintenance, is the little drops of life, because do not think not important and not. Lock ( rfid access control system ) maintenance well, not only beautiful appearance, and the service life will become longer, why not?.

Maintenance of intelligent door lock:

1., not in the smart lock ( time attendance system china ) handle hanging above things, the handle is the key part of the switch door lock, if hanging above things, may affect its sensitivity.

2. after a period of time, the surface may have dirt, will affect the fingerprint recognition, it can use a soft cloth to wipe the fingerprint collection window, can not avoid recognition.

3., the intelligent door lock panel can not contact with corrosive substances, and can not collide with hard objects or knock on the shell, to prevent damage to the panel surface coating.

4., LCD screen can not exert great pressure, not to knock, otherwise it will affect the display.

5. clean and maintain an intelligent door lock with substances that contain alcohol, gasoline, thinners, or other flammable substances.

6., avoid water or other liquid, liquid infiltration into the intelligent door lock, will affect the performance of intelligent door lock. If the case is in contact with the liquid, it can be dried with a soft, absorbent cloth.

7., intelligent door lock ( access control system price ) to use high quality 5 alkaline batteries, once found insufficient power, should promptly replace the battery, so as not to affect the use.