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How to make smart locks more durable?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-08-24 15:11:35
The era of smart phones and smart homes has come, and many traditional consumer goods or appliances are facing the fate of being eliminated or innovated. Smart lock (RF ID card Hotel lock Supplier) has entered many users' families, how to make smart locks more durable? 

1 clock calibration
The lock clock is very important to the internal system of the intelligent lock (Stainless steel Hotel lock Supplier), and the inaccuracy will affect the use of the key card. Regular inspection and timely calibration become very important. Timely calibration is the same as setting the clock. 

2, add lubricating oil
As the most important mechanical structure of a lock, the lock core can not be neglected. Found that the lock core is not flexible or can not maintain the correct position, then the cylinder should be filled with lubricating oil until the door lock (best price Temic card company) is flexible. 

3. Check the clearance between the lock body and the lock buckle
The matching gap between the lock body and the locking buckle also needs to be checked in time, and whether the locking tongue matches with the height of the locking plate hole is not consistent, and the optimum matching clearance between the door and the doorframe is 1.5mm-2.5mm. If not, adjust the position of the door hinge or the pinch plate. 

4. Prepare mechanical key unlock
After a long time out, to avoid the battery because of the exhaustion of the "smart lock" strike, the preparation of mechanical keys can not be ignored. Remember to open the door lock, and remember to replace the door lock battery, restore normal function.