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What are the advantages of Smart Hotel lock?

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-08-29 10:09:25
Hotel locks (best price hotel keycard lock factory) are generally intelligent products, relative to other traditional home locks products more convenient applications, you know what the advantages of the Smart Hotel lock in the end?

1, the strict time limits: 
The built-in lock clock, through the strict time setting, when the guest housing expires, the real card automatic failure, effectively avoid the phenomenon of guest rent arrears; 

2, multi-level key card, power and responsibility clear:
According to the needs of hotel management can set up their own total ban card, card, card, card, floor clean guest card, but the card usage rules is not the same; but only the customer card and the main use of the hotel card card will be used at the same time, the hotel use of force, of course customers use their card since the entry into force; 

3, do not disturb function, more friendly image of the hotel:
When guests enter the room, they are locked back, and the attendant can not open the door to disturb (emergency case except emergency card); 

4, the key card loss function, the end of key card flexible:
After the key card is lost, the key card is invalid after the front desk management system is set up, and the guest can sit back and relax; 

5, open record inquiry function, add a security:
Door lock with data "black box", you can record the history of locks, open the door records (when and where "people" in which way to open the door) for inquiry; 

Of course, the Smart Hotel lock (Multi-color Hotel lock Supplier) belongs to the intelligent lock, I believe that in the future development of the technology, the advantages of the hotel smart lock will be more and more, and the scope of application will become more and more widely!