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PROYU Fingerprint Lock is your most loyal family security guard

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-06-13 10:32:27
  For a family, the choice of living environment is undoubtedly a practical ease of the map, therefore, to ensure safety is the most important aspect. Although the fingerprint lock, although in a house although not humble, but it plays a vital role, it introduced the most advanced anti-theft technology, can protect the living environment safe, do your most loyal family security guard. PROYU, shenzhen Magnetic lock manufacturer, provide outstanding intelligent locks. 
  Fingerprint lock is currently used relatively wide biological lock, the fingerprint of the uniqueness and non-replicability determines the fingerprint lock is currently the most secure in all locks lock species.
  Fingerprint lock used fingerprint recognition technology, is a collection of sensor technology, biotechnology, digital image processing, pattern matching, electronic technology in one of the high-tech. Fingerprints of the uniqueness, stability, recognition technology maturity, reliability of the fingerprint recognition gradually favored by the community, while fingerprints than convenient, one way than a comparison and a comparison than N, can be better The realization of monitoring and monitoring operations, the development of computer technology and the emergence of large-capacity memory and processing chips, but also makes the fingerprint identification system reliability has been greatly improved. PROYU, wholesale hotel door lock system, your security life creator.
  And, in life, it will inevitably appear to forget to bring out the key, the key is lost, friends to your home to visit no one at home, etc., but if you install the fingerprint lock these problems are solved, so the fingerprint lock more and more consumption Welcome.
  Therefore, the convenience and security of the fingerprint lock is obvious to all, the rise of a product must have its unique, fingerprint lock after 10 years of development, to now more and more by the consumer recognition of fingerprints, of course, it can not Replace the advantage.
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