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Why Do We Need Home Automation System

  • Author:Lancy He
  • Release on:2015-02-27
  Why do we need home automation system? Someone said it seems like  insurance. When something dangerous happened, it can be used in that case. If there are nothing happen, it hasn’t any uses in our life. However, is that true?

  Definitely not, actually, the home automation system is very important in our life. It can make our life become more safe. For example, if you install a GSM alarm system in your home, you will never need to worry about your property will be lost. And if you install a smoke detector in your home, you also can know if the CO is spread out or not in anytime. How useful it is!

  And nowadays, there are 3 kinds of home automation system in the market:

1.Alarm system 

  It include the IP camera, cctv camera and GSM alarm system. The mainly used of this kind of product is keeping the safety of property. When your mobile phone or your laptop has contacted with the GSM alarm system, you can know everything in your home in anytime and anywhere.

2.Fire alarm system

  It include the addressable fire alarm system, smoke detector, heat detector...the mainly used of this kind of product is preventing the fire. 

3.Environmental monitoring equipment

  It includes the PM2.5 detector, CO2 Detector, formaldehyde detector and so on.

  The home automation products are very useful in our life. Proyu, as a good home automation system supplier in china, always try our best to make more and more newest product to our clients. Proyu, the best choice for your safty life!