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Access control RFID Card Reader PY-CR6Access control RFID Card Reader PY-CR6

Access control RFID Card Reader PY-CR6

  • ·        DC 5V-16V Working Voltage. Standard Direct Current 12V
  • ·        70mA Working Current
  • ·        Wiegand 26bits/ Wiegand34bits Standard Format Data Output
  • ·        Support ID (UEM 4100,125 KHz, 64bits, Manchester Code) Card or PIN Opening Door Mode.
  • ·        Less than 0.2 second Response Speed
  • ·        Less than 0.5 seconds Proximity Time Distance:
  • ·        2-15cm Proximity Range
  • ·        -25 to 75 Ambient Temperature
  • ·        10%-90% Ambient Humidity 
RFID Card Reader PY-CR6

·        Built-in Antenna
·        Built-in LED (Double Color LED)
·        Built-in Loud Speaker (Buzzer)
·        100 Meters Communication Distance
·        Real Time Data Transfer
·        Black Color
·        Standard Style (3×4) Keyboard Format
·        PVC Case Material (Black Resin for Water-Proof Function)
·        108*88*32(mm)

Wire Connection
Red                        +12V
Black Wire                  GND
Blue Wire                   DATA1
White Wire                  DATA0
Green Wire                  Green LED
Brown Wire                  Buzzer

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