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Addressable Intelligent sound and light siren PY-CFT-991

Addressable Intelligent sound and light siren PY-CFT-991

  • 1.Executive standard: GA385- 2002
  • 2.Operating voltage: DC24V (pulse modulation)
  • 3.Operating current: quiescent current: ≤1mA (the current consumed by the bus); alarm current: ≤120mA@DC24V
  • 4.Operating environment: Temperature: -10°C~+55°C; relative humidity: ≤95% (40°C, without condensation)
  • 5.Flushing rate: one time/s
  • 6.Alarm volume: >85dB (measured at a place 3m in front of the horn/strobe)
  • 7.Coding method: Electronic coding
  • 8.Wiring method: Four-wire system, non-polarity two signal buses (L1, L2) and power lines (+24V, GND)
Addressable Intelligent sound and light siren


1.It can realize complete electronic coding and in situ rewriting with the help of a coder.

2.The audible alarm and flashing alarm may be set freely. In other words, the horn/strobe may give an audible alarm and a flashing alarm at the same time or separately and it can be adapted to different working environments.

 3.Designed with an upper cover and a lower cover, it can be installed, debugged and maintained conveniently.

4.It uses multiple super bright red LEDs as light sources for visual display, ensuring a striking display, a longer service life and low power consumption.


Technical Parameter:

Place of Origin

 Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name


Model Number




Power Supply

DC 24V

Standby Current


External dimension




Executive standard

 GA385- 2002

Operating Temperature


relative humidity

 ≤95% (40°C, without condensation)

Flushing rate

 one time/s

Alarm volume

 >85dB (measured at a place 3m in front of the horn/strobe)

Coding method

 Electronic coding

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