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Electric Magnetic lock manufacturer, Office/ home dynamic password lock factory

Electric Magnetic lock manufacturer, Office/ home dynamic password lock factory

  • 1. Unlock ways: code; mechanical keys; RF card
  • 2. Unlock modes: using password or rf card to open independently or together 
Home and Office rf digital keypad door lock PY-8821-Y
Password and MIFARE® card used offices, household intellectual safe locks are parts of MIFARE® Classic 1K Card Pass System. The MIFARE® card can be used in other equipments of One-Card-Pass. The functions of the lock system are very strong and easy to operate. Locks can be in common open state. If the door is not locked well, the lock wil make a indication automatically. All the passwords and door opening cards are configured by clients, to lessen the leaks. The MIFARE® cards of the system is of common uses, such as housing estates, paking lots,etc. The locks is applicable to modern offices, office buildings, hight class flats, villas and so on. There are two modes for opening MIFARE® cards and password used offices, together with household lock system. 

Functions and performances: 
1. Card Type: MIFARE® Induction Card 
2. The lock opening modes can be set by your choice. Use MIFARE® cards or passwords separately to open/ Only MIFARE® cards and password used together could open the locks. 
3. The cards are set by the lock sytem and software is not needed. 2 management cards and 200 cards at most. 
4. The passwords can be modified by your choice. 1 management password and 50 door opening passwords at most. 
5. Messy codes could be used when inputting passwords. 12 digits at most. 
6. You can set the lock in common open state. 
7. Alarm of False Closing 
8. Indication of Lacking of Voltage 
9. Batteries supply the power. External source can be used. 

Technical Parameters: 
1. Working voltage: 6.0V (4 pieces of No.5 alkaline batteries) 
2. Static power supply: <100μA 
3. Dynamic power supply: <200mA 
4. Lifespan of batteries: 10 months or above 
5. Indication of lacking voltage: 4.5V 
6. Induction distance: >25mm 
7. Working temprature: 0°C—70°C 
8. Working humidity: ≤80%







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