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European style security fingerprint and password door lock PY-5500

European style security fingerprint and password door lock PY-5500

  • 1. The mordern and fashionable European style, specially designed for Europeans.
  • 2. The double-decked compound lock body, resulting in long service life and anti force-break from outside.
  • 3. Dissociate handle design, would effective protect against the malicious damages.
  • 4. Double lock function, the door can be locked up by simply rotating the knob and releasing the latch.
  • 5. With unique normally-opening function, suitable for the meetings and parties
  • 6. Low pressure alert warns in case the voltage is lower than 4.8V, will remind you the battery will runs out soon.
  • 7. Memory Capacity: 120 fingerprints (10 master fingerprint, 90 user fingerprints, 20 temporary fingerprints, 120 MIFARE® cards, 1 password)
European style security fingerprint and password door lock PY-5500


  • Card Type: MIFARE® Induction Card
  • Password Input by Touching Key Pression
  • Microwave Induction
  • The lock opening modes can be set by your choice. Use MIFARE® cards or passwords separately to open/ Only MIFARE® cards and password used together could open the locks.
  • The cards are set by the lock sytem and software is not needed. 2 management cards and 200 cards at most.
  • The passwords can be modified by your choice. 1 management password and 50 door opening passwords at most.
  • Messy codes could be used when inputting passwords. 12 digits at most.
  • You can set the lock in common open state.
  • Alarm of False Closing
  • Indication of Lacking of Voltage
  • Batteries supply the power. External source can be used.
  • Combined Mode: using MIFARE® cards and password to open doors simultaneously.

Technical Parameters:

Working voltage: 6.0V (4 pieces of No.5 alkaline batteries)
Static power supply: <100μA
Dynamic power supply: <200mA
Lifespan of batteries: 10 months or above
Indication of lacking voltage: 4.5V
Induction distance: >25mm
Working temprature: 0`C~70`C
Working humidity: ≤80%

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European style security fingerprint lock PY-5500European style security fingerprint lock PY-5500

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