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Magnetic door contact with best price for wooden door PY-59Magnetic door contact with best price for wooden door PY-59

Magnetic door contact with best price for wooden door PY-59

  • * Dimension: 106*16*16mm
  • * Housing: ABS ,white /grey
  • * Gap: 40-60mm/50-60 mmavailble
  • * Output: N.C./N.O. & Changeover available
  • * Leads: 1007UL22AWG530mm/wire with cable available
  • * Inner packing: 5sets/PE            
  • * Outer packing: 300 sets/carton
  • * Gross Weight: 27.0KG
  • * Remarks: 4 screws including

1.0 Specification                      

surface mounted magnetic switch

Ideal for metal door/ window, for commercial applications and where a wide gap is needed


1. Housing: ABS material 

2.Color :grey

3.Gap: 40-50mm

4.Certificates:FCC,CE ,ROHS

5.Leads: 430mm in length is standard, longer leads available; 

2.0  Dimension(mm)

3.0  Order information


Specification Output Casing Material Action Gap(mm) Max CUr./Vol./Power/Init.Ress(A/VDC/W/mΩ) MOQ(PCS)
NC-FPABS-4050 NC fireproof ABS 40-50 0.5A/100V/10W/200mΩ 500
NC-ABS-4050 NC ABS 40-50 0.5A/100V/10W/200mΩ 0
N0-ABS-4050 NO ABS 40-50 0.2A/30V/3W/200mΩ 500
COM-ABS-4050 Changeover ABS 40-50 0.2A/30V/3W/200mΩ 500

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