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RFID single door access control with keypad PY-AC116RFID single door access control with keypad PY-AC116RFID single door access control with keypad PY-AC116

RFID single door access control with keypad PY-AC116

  • Voltage: DC +8 V-+15 V (standard 12V)
  • Unlock ways: card,Password
  • Color: black
RFID single door access control with keypad PY-AC116

1.Easy to install ,low and designed for indoor or outdoor use ,can be off line use and external another reader for IN/IOut application .
2. Built-in RF ID reader /write function.
3.Open door mode: by card or Currency password; by card with Currency password
4.Alarm mode: overtime but the door still not closed; to compel the door closed.
5. Peripheral equipment connector: electronic lock(contain the relay output and PWL level?
6.Plus and minus mode: continuum induction adding,continuum card number adding,single card delete. 

Working environment: 

Voltage: DC +8 V-+15 V (standard 12V) 
Current: when Do not drive electric lock ≤ 70mA 
Temperature: 0 °C -70 °C 
Humidity: 30% -90%

5 kinds of open-door mode: 
card to open the door 
Password to open the door 
card + password to open the door 
card + card to open the door 
password + password to open the door


500 people registered capacity, high cost performance, digging every hardware resources. 

Quick issuers mode, whether it is registered general card or the card with a password can be  registered, passwords input setup by cardholders their own input in the first timedoor state dete-ction, only after close stable then startlocking signal, preventing the door in the swing when the  latch, resulting in on the impact of electric locking bolt. with door magnetism interface, with the  alarm when  open the door violence.

Wiring port definition and performance: 

+12 V: powersupply anode, the effective range: DC +8 V-+12 V
GND: power supply cathode, public land
ALM: alarm output and alarm output low level
ST:   STATUS door magnetismterminal
BT:   BUTTON go button terminal, low-level unlock 
DO:  Weigand 26 reader data lines (data 0) 
D1:  Weigand 26 reader data lines (data 1) 
NC: normally closed relay points, current load capacity DC1A/120V 
NO: normally open relay point, current load capacity DC1A/120V


Red light: Power instructions the  red Power is red light means normal. Green light: the green light, said unlock, put out that state lock. Yellow light: yellow light flashing, said waiting for keyboard input, always yellow light open said that the programming mode.

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