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Smart Home Villa RFID Video Door Phone Intercom System  PY-V101-FDSmart Home Villa RFID Video Door Phone Intercom System  PY-V101-FD

Smart Home Villa RFID Video Door Phone Intercom System PY-V101-FD

  • Product Name: RFID Video Door Phone
  • Model: PY-V101-FD
  • Screen: 10.1inch
  • Resolution: 200,000 pixels
  • Power Supply: AC100-220V
  • Operating voltage: DC15V ± 10%
Smart Home Villa RFID Video Door Phone Intercom System  PY-V101-FD

◆ Outdoor camera with metal case and rain cover,classic humanized design
◆ Hands-free indoor monitor,acrylic frontplate, elegant design, 10.1inch TFT color screen with clear image
◆ Funcation: intercom, mornitor, two way talk back and unlock
◆ IR nightvision, and communicate between indoor monitor to indoor monitor 
◆ Color brightness and Volume adjustable  
◆ Choose multi-ringtone by yourself
◆ Can be 1 to 1,2,3,4 or  2 to 1,2,3,4  system, meet your different requirement
◆ International standard design and production,4wire, easy isntall, DIY
◆ Application: Villa, Home, Office etc 

Technical Parameters:
◆ Audio distortion rate≥50mW
◆ Talking Time: 90s, monitor time: 30s 
◆ Input Power Supply: AC100-240V  50Hz – 60Hz
◆ Output Power Supply: AC14.5V   1200mA
◆ Frequency response: 300~3400HZ±3dB
◆ Working Voltage: DC15V±10%
◆ Resolution: 200,000 pixels
◆ Consumption: static state<0.5W,current state<10W
◆ Installation: ourdoor camera flush mounting, indoor monitor surface mounting
◆ Indoor monitor dimension:273(L)×181(W)×22(H)mm
◆ Outdoor Camera dimension:96(L)×174(W)×45(H)mm
   Installation dimension: 80(L)×147(W)×36(H)mm

Wiring requirement:
◆ 30M: RVV4 X 0.5 mm, , 
◆ 50M: RVV4 X 0.75 mm
◆ 100M: RVV4 X 1.0 m
Note: when connect more monitor, to next indoor monitor with RVV5

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