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125khz TM Card RFID cabinet/locker/drawer/sauna/gym lock  PY-TM100-J

125khz TM Card RFID cabinet/locker/drawer/sauna/gym lock PY-TM100-J

  • 1.Locker Lock
  • 2. Card Type: TM.
  • 3. Power Supply: DC6V, 4 pieces of 5# alkaline batteries
  • Applications:
  • Swimming pool , sauna bathing spot, golf course, gymnasium locker,
  • enterprise, school, hotel, supermarket storage cabinet ,etc
TM Card RFID cabinet/locker/drawer/sauna/gym lock  PY-TM100-J

Technical parameters

battery life

Above 18000 times in normal

Scanning time   


Working Voltage

DC 6v (4 segments 5 alkaline battery)

Temperature Range (using)


Card Distance

30 mm

lower-voltage directives


operating humidity

RH (15 ~ 85)% 

Quiescent current:

 < 12 uA 

 Dynamic current  

 <200 MA


Cabinet lock features:

 1.Card type: TM Card,the inductive distance is more than 20mm.

 2.Two open solution : single card solution and dual card solution

 3.Set up management card and guest card just on the cabinet lock but not need from the computer

 4.Sound and light indicate when it works ,bule light shinging when low battery

 5.Mortise will come back automaticly when there is obstruction and will indicate there is obstruction

 6.Deadbolt function



Performance characteristics
1, Cast steel, as an organic whole construction, can plate out all sorts of colors, beautiful, solid, durable in use.
2,Full-automatic switch-box, without rotating handle, convenient, simple.
3, The strong electrical interference and it can work steadily.
4, Can use battery to supply power, with a low voltage alarm function

Advantages of our sauna lock:
1. Friendly interface, easy handling
2. Integrated design, easy installation
3. Elegant, security and durable
4. strong electrical interference
5. Work steadily
6. TM card
7. Low voltage alarm function.
8. Convenient, simple.

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