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Zinc alloy IC Contact Hotel Door Lock PY-8001-1Y

Zinc alloy IC Contact Hotel Door Lock PY-8001-1Y

  • 1.It is forged by zinc alloy, with high security nature.
  • 2.Card type: German Siemens 4442 Card
  • 3.unlock ways: smart card, mechanical key.
  • 4.easy to install for non-profession
Zinc alloy IC Contact Hotel Door Lock PY-8001-1Y

1. It is forged by zinc alloy, with high security and solidity nature.
2. Intellectual ultrathin little core of lock,This makes the breakage to the door as little as possible when making holes.
3. Free handle, to prevent the external stress from ruining the internal structure. The working life is long.
4. We test every circuit board to ensure its lifespan.
5. Lack of voltage indication to clew users should change batteries in time.
6. Emergency Cards or mechanical keys are used to open doors in special situtions.
7. Preserve the latest 256 records of door opening circularly. Knowing about the dynamic at any moment.
8. Ending the open functions of lost or oppointed cards.
9. Indication of not clsoing doors. There are clocks in internal parts of locks to control the using time of key cards and preventing clients owing charges.
10. Our software can clarify the administration classes of general manager, buildings, floors, service areas and rooms. Authority purview is really clear.

Technical Specifications:
1. Type Card: German Siemens 4442 Card;
2. Card Reading Slot: It is from Taiwan made by super abrasion proof technology;
3. Power Supply: DC 6V, 4 pieces of No.5 alkaline batteries can be used for more than one year;
4. Circuit Chip: Germany PHILIPS Chip imported with original packaging;
5. Power Consumption:
   Static Power Supply: ≤3 μA
   Card Reading Power Supply: ≤20 mA
   Door Opening Power Supply: about 200 mA (last for 0.3s)
6. Work Settings:Temperature: -20~+70°C  Humidity: ≤95% RH
7. Lack of Votage Indication: The lock will make 3 sounds and the red LED will light if the lock lacking of volatge is opened, futhermore, it can still be opened for more than 50 times.
8. Specialities: output guard, moisture proof,tamper-proof management,anti-static electricity:>15,000V, it ensures information inside the lock not missing under the interference of strong static electricity.
9. System Configurations: a computer(provided for yourself), a suit of software system of making cards, a card-maker, cards, locks.
10. Applicable to: hotels, parking lots, housing estates ,office entrance guard,etc.

Our products are detected by relevant departments such as Ministry of Public Security and get European Union CE attestation and FCC and ROSH.








When you place the order, please tell us Which way of handle do you need for the locks( Right or Left)


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