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electric lock suppliers china, Password access control Magnetic lock manufacturer

electric lock suppliers china, Password access control Magnetic lock manufacturer

  • Applicable places:Office;Residential
  • Fingerprint capacity: 120
  • Unlock mode: fingerprint, password or mechanical key
Elegant intelligent fingerprint safe lock with keypad PY-8908

Features :

1. The perfect match of fingerprint technology; it can be unlocked by fingerprint, password or mechanical key.

2. Electronic key and mechanical key is operated separately. When the electronic part of the lock work abnormal, mechanical key can override to unlock.

3. High storage capacity; it can setup three groups for 120 fingerprints storage. There is “Master Fingerprint” Group (10 fingerprint storage), “Member Fingerprint” Group (90 fingerprint storage) and “Temporary Fingerprint” Group (20 fingerprint storage). Also, the door can be unlocked by 11-digits password; the password is consist of “0”, “1”, “2” and “3”, but “0” is not allow for the first digits of the password. The default password is “12312312312”.

4. Multi-deadbolt mortise enhances flexibility and higher security. Mortise and the lock are made of stainless steel

5. The lock handle can be reversible.

6. The keypad will be locked automatically with 3 times of wrong password input. To unlock the keypad, no pressing any buttons in 3 seconds.

7. Moist-proof design: epoxy resin is cover on PCB board to prevent the circuit on PCB board will be damaged by moist, this feature is enhancing the protection of PCB board.

8. Self-management: user could add, update, delete fingerprint and password; easy to manage.

9. Passage mode can be set to reduce unlock frequently.

10. Various unlock method: Locked by security latch, locked by deadbolt and security latch and lock from front end

11. User-friendly, it doesn’t need to waste too much time to learn and re-learn the lock operation.

12. Power supply: The energy saving IC board is adopted to use in the lock; it can be operated in ten thousand times by 4 pieces of alkaline battery.

13. The lock can be operated by using 6V~9V battery with the connection of external power supply port.

14. The fingerprint, password will not lose when changing battery.

15. When voltage is insufficient for fingerprint to unlock, password can be used instead. But please change the battery immediately to maintain the lock in normal operation.

16. Alert notice: Different cue lighting and sound alert will show when the lock in operation.

17. The mechanical key cannot be duplicated as the key is kept by sealed key container.


Technical Features :

1. The maximum string of digits for one set password: 11 digits

2. Fingerprint capacity: 120

3. Fingerprint template registration: twice for each fingerprint to generate a template 

4. Fingerprint update automatically

5. Fingerprint templates are stored automatically

6. Fingerprint Verification time less than 1 second

7. Verification – 1: N

8. FRR ≤1%

9. FAR ≤0.0001%

10. Angle for finger verification: any angle

11. 30 mega pixel CMOS sensor

12. Fingerprint sensor DPI: 500 DPI

13. The damage resistance of sensor is high, e.g. sensor is not damage with the impact of 4H pencil 1000 times

14. Static power consumption: less than 40μA

15. Dynamic power consumption: less than 200μA

16. Power supply requirement: 4 pieces of 1.5V alkaline battery, 6V direct current

17. Battery life cycle: Around 10,000 times

18. Power supply: 4 pieces of AA alkaline batteries or along with 6V~9V external interface powered

19. Low voltage alert: lower than 4.5V

20. Activate motor operation: 0.5 seconds

21. Lead time between lock and unlock: 5 seconds

22. Storage temperature: -10°C~ +55°C

23. Storage humidity: 10~98%RH 

24. Operation temperature:-10°C~ 50°C

25. Operation humidity: 45-85%RH

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