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rfid access control system, Guangzhou IC card company

rfid access control system, Guangzhou IC card company

  • 1. Unlock ways: code; mechanical keys; EM/ID card
  • 2. Unlock modes: using password or rf card to open independently or together 
Digital keypad password lock with reading EM/ID cards function PY-8810-Y

Keypad Code/Password to open the door
8 bytes of password
Combined Mode: using EM/ID cards and password to open doors simultaneously
High security

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RFID Card to open the door
The unique RFID card reader design provides great convenience for the elder and young family members as well as office staff who have cards already.(It also support the RFID keyfob)

Emergency Key to open the door
If you do not want to use the RFID Card/Remotel control(or keyfob), you can still use the backup mechanical keys included in the  package to open the lock. 

Deadbolt + Anti-card Latch
It has two Latchs: One is Deadbolt Latch, the other is Anti-card Latch, with these two Latchs, you will make your Home/Office more security.

4x AA Batteries
It works with 4x AA batteries, you do not need to worry about power off, because if the voltage is less than 4.8v, there will be battery alarm and you still can use it 4.8v, there will be battery alarm and you still can use it.
electronic door lock system for hotels
Power supply: 4×1.5V AA Batteries
Waiting current : ≤30μA
Working temperature for keypad: -3070
Working humidity: 10%-97%
Startup time: <1 second
Password capacity: 78
Batteries life: 10000 times (4x1.5V AA, average 1 year)
FRR (False Rejection Rate): 1%
FAR (False Acceptance Rate):0.0001%
Spare power supply: 9V
Cover Size: 242mm X 77mm





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