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Does The Radiation of Walk Through Metal Detector Will Be Harmful To Our Body?

  • Автор:Lancy He
  • Источник:www.smart-home-security.cn
  • Отпустите на:2016-03-10
As we know, the main function of walk through metal detector is detecting the metal products on passengers. But someone will worry about its safety, and think if it will bad for our health because of the radiation. My answer is: No.

The working principle of the walk through mental detector is electromagnetic induction. The two sides of walk through metal detector makes magnetic filed, which is changing fast. This kind of magnetic filed is not harmful to human’s body but can detect the mental. So when the passengers have any metal products in their body(such as knife, scissors...) on the body, it will alarm and have voice. In a word, the walk through metal detector is safety, and haven’t any radiation.
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