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Intelligent door locks to buy common sense

Proyu Technology Proyu Technology 2017-10-31 20:11:35
   Each of the smart door locks (Guangzhou IC card company) have different functions, which is the need to pay attention when buying. In addition, the market is not standardized, product standards vary. In order to avoid the purchase when the sales staff was a hype of halo. The following smart lock common sense you should understand.

Biometric fingerprint lock (Finger & ID card time attendance company), iris, face recognition and other smart locks are not necessarily more anti-theft. In science and technology more and more advanced today, the advanced nature of these products have been challenged. Fingerprints and other biometric features of the replication technology more and more simple. In other words, tangible encryption and decryption technology needs new technology support, otherwise, its security is not necessarily reliable.

Smart locks are not necessarily expensive luxury. All along, many consumers on the smart lock market is not enough to understand, leading to people still think that smart locks are high-end consumer goods, but this is not the case. The current smart lock market after several rounds of adjustment, has gradually implemented some industry standards. Some manufacturers have launched a number of products close to the people.

When you come to the door, the door will automatically open for you; when you leave the door when the door, the lock will automatically lock; and when you are not at home, someone at home, then, your phone will receive A door from the door to push the tips ... ... no key can open the door, brush face, brush fingerprints to the door, this scene has been seen in the science fiction, and now, with the emergence of smart locks (uhf rfid reader module price), more and more The more people enter the daily life of people.