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RFID cards

  • Автор:Senia Rao
  • Источник:www.smart-home-security.cn
  • Отпустите на:2016-05-19
RFID cards
  There are many kinds of RFID cards in our market. Such as IC Card, ID card, Temic
Card and so on. Do you know where can we use it?

  RFID cards can be used with many equipment. It can be used with hotel lock, access
control system, biometric time attendance system and so on. Most of us need to use the
rfid card every day.

  For example, when you go to your office, you need to use the RFID card to open the
door.When you live in the hotel, the all-in-one function rfid card not only can open
the door, but also can buy things in the hotel. Or you will use the RFID card to by
bus. How useful it is!

  Proyu, as a home automation system supplier, we can supply you all kinds of rfid
card. And the price is very cheap.If you are finding this product, welcome to contact
us as soon as possible!