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Smart door lock into the household life

  • Автор:Alice
  • Отпустите на:2017-01-10
  With the improvement of all aspects of life quality, we are more and more attention to the same kind of high-tech products.Security door lock as the life that occupy the home, lock the stand or fall of whole household has a close relationship with the safety of life or not, therefore has become the focus of attention.The house the majority will lock, but these locks are often the most general, plus decorate also give others with the key, after decorating into some high-end electronic lock should be replaced.
  More and more new homes began to choose the combination lock or fingerprint lock after decorating, whether its appearance performance and the overall function, was significantly higher than the traditional lock, can bring more high-end security to the life that occupy the home.
   Proyu company mainly produces way of fingerprints, password, credit card to unlock new intelligent door locks, and to provide supporting intelligent management system software and solutions.Product category is rich, is widely used in hotels, apartments, office, family, and other fields.Combination of Chinese suppliers, hotel lock Chinese suppliers, fingerprint lock suppliers in China