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conventional manual call point instruction

  • Автор:Senia Rao
  • Источник:www.smart-home-security.cn
  • Отпустите на:2016-03-30

The SB116 conventional manual call point designed for conventional fire alarm system
for reporting fire or emergency condition by its PUSH IN/PULL DOWN handle latches. One
470 ohm resistor is used on the PCB board between Zone+ and Zone- when the switch
inside is closed. So the HC102 conventional manual call point is only used with
conventional fire alarm control panel, it is forbidden to be used to other system.


The manual call points provide a textured finger-hold area that includes Braille text.
In addition to PUSH IN and PULL DOWN text, there are arrows indicating how to operate
the station, provided for non-English-speaking people.
Pushing in and then pulling down on the handle activates the normally-open alarm
switch. Once latched in the down position, the word “ACTIVATED” appears at the top in
bright yellow, with a portion of the handle protruding at the bottom as a visible flag.
Resetting the station is simple: insert the key, twist one quarter-turn, then open the
station’s front cover, causing the spring-loaded operation handle to return to its
original position. The alarm switch can then be reset to its normal (non-alarm)
position manually (by hand) or by closing the station’s front cover, which
automatically resets the switch.

Figure 1. Install and Wiring diagram:

We also have conventional fire alarm system and addressable fire alarm system, such as smoke detector, heat detector, alarm bell, siren and so on.