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How to get in the fingerprint lock without electricity?

  • Автор:Proyu Technology
  • Источник:Proyu Technology
  • Отпустите на:2017-06-02
  With the popularity of science and technology, intelligent home development, more and more people also began to choose fingerprint lock. Then the fingerprint lock no electricity how to go in? (PROYU, Keyless door lock china, provide high quality intelligent door lock.)
  1. If the fingerprint lock really no electricity, then quickly replace the battery on it.
  2. When the fingerprint lock no electricity, and will prompt you in advance voice, if you forget to replace the battery, you can go to the supermarket to buy a 9v battery, the positive and negative on the external power supply, (about two seconds) After the power on the normal fingerprint can be unlocked.
  3. No matter what the fingerprint lock, have a mechanical key. Therefore, the fingerprint lock no electricity, you can take the key to open the door to go. 
Fingerprint lock power supply mode. Generally divided into two kinds.
  One with 4 AA alkaline batteries, generally can be used for about a year.
  The other is the use of two sets of circuit systems, two sets of 4 5 batteries, a set of fingerprints, a set of passwords, generally about a year and a half. (Depending on the specific function, power consumption design, the number of different use and different). According to industry standards for the production of anti-theft fingerprint lock, should also be equipped with emergency power supply interface, available 9V laminated battery external power supply.
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