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Do three points: smart door locks can be recognized by consumers

  • Автор:Proyu Technology
  • Источник:Proyu Technology
  • Отпустите на:2017-08-22
Ten years ago, the Internet through access to information, e-commerce and Internet banking and other forms gradually changed people's life; and today, the Internet of things is the start of the next technological revolution, with home automation and wearable devices for entrance, affects the people's life style and consumer fees. 

Intelligent lock (electronic door lock system for hotels) is a typical example, although they can become the key to smart mobile phone, with remote lock function, and select the number of products are also increasingly rich, but the user is clearly not ready. Well, how smart door locks can be successful in the consumer market, the following key points should be seized by vendors. 

Relative to the traditional exterior design
The door is clearly the first line of defense between home security and privacy, and the lock (Contactless card Hotel lock Supplier)should also have a low profile, high security and protection. Intelligent door locks should be designed to move closer like ordinary locks and provide traditional key unlock solutions to avoid mobile phone applications failing to work properly. 

Easier installation and use experience
In addition to appearances, smart locks should be easier to install and simplify applications so that family members of all ages can easily use them. 

Other smart home appliances can be connected
Intelligent door lock (wholesale hotel door lock system) is a kind of Internet of things products, so it is not only independent, but should have good connectivity with other smart home equipment. In addition to the smart phone between the encrypted access, and perhaps also with surveillance cameras and other equipment, to achieve a more secure protection mechanism.